Ways of Working

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Why is it important to get right?

The ways of working in an organisation can be compared to a plumbing system. While plumbing relies on the interconnectedness of pipes and fixtures to deliver water when required, internal collaboration relies on the interconnectedness of individuals and teams to achieve common goals.

Both systems require effective communication and coordination between components to ensure that everything runs smoothly. A leak in a plumbing system can disrupt the flow of water, while misalignments in working practices can disrupt the flow of ideas and progress.

As teams evolve, it is crucial that their ways of working are maintained and updated to continue to function properly.

What are the key areas to cover?

  • Definition of expectations and norms.
  • Internal rituals.
  • Selection of appropriate tooling.
  • Adaptations for on-site, remote and hybrid working styles.
  • Application of asynchronous methodologies.
  • Establishment of standard operating procedures.
  • Mechanisms for measurement and iteration.

What are the consequences of inaction?

The right way of working differs from organisation to organisation. Variables such as the physical distribution of team members, the overarching culture and the nature of business are key to determining the right approach.

A misselection in the ways of working can lead to:

  • Communication breakdowns that leave space for confusion and ambiguity.
  • Inconsistencies in quality and efficiency.
  • Decentralisation of important information.
  • An abrasive internal culture due to misaligned expectations.
  • The formation of cliques and politics.
  • Greatly increased risk of information security issues.
  • Difficulty effectively onboarding new team members.
  • Inability to grow beyond a certain size due to a lack of standardisation.

How can ProductPartner help?

The good news is that we have worked with a number of different organisations to establish or improve scalable ways of working. These efforts have been individual-focused, team-focused or extended across whole organisations.

We are able to assist your team to:

  • Assess current ways of working.
  • Create revised ways of working.
  • Manage change towards new ways of working.
  • Measure efficacy and appropriate iteration.

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