Strategic Direction

Establish a clear vision,
themes and goals.

Why is it important to get right?

Strategy serves as a compass by guiding your team towards a desired destination. It provides a clear direction and gives a focus to decision-making and resource allocation, ensuring that everybody's efforts are aligned towards achieving the same goals.

A clear strategy additionally helps to mitigate risk by considering potential challenges and opportunities in advance and preparing for them.

What are the key areas to cover?

  • Environment analysis: competitors, positioning and macro trends.
  • Target markets: customers and segmentation.
  • Goal setting and projections.
  • Activity prioritisation and roadmapping.
  • Financial planning.
  • Resource allocation.

What are the consequences of inaction?

Setting a strategy involves analysis, tough decisions and clear communication to achieve internal alignment. If done right, your team will have a clear and motivating path forward.

If not, your team is likely to encounter:

  • A lack of consistent focus and direction.
  • Ineffective allocation of team members and creation of silos.
  • Difficulty measuring the success of activities.
  • Inability to quickly adapt to changing market forces.
  • Decreased employee morale, motivation and retention.
  • Ultimately, the potential for business failure.

How can ProductPartner help?

Fortunately, we have led strategy across a large number of organisations and sectors. You can lean on our expertise.

We are able to assist your team to:

  • Evaluate your pre-existing strategy.
  • Structure effective strategy sessions.
  • Gather landscape knowledge and insight.

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